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PES now integrated with TiCAM 1000

PES (Personal Eye System) integrated hardware list is growing! As modern laser range finders gets better and better, more interesting features is available in PES PRO. Not only that PES, can show measurement from  LRFs of NewCon Optik (full line of products), Vectronix (Mosqito, PLRF and Vector),  Fotona (Metrix), etc, but can also grab target […]

BES UAV Extensions at ADAS

ADAS fair is coming up in Manila, and you might wonder if Mil sistemika has something new to show. Not only there are news on Android Dismounted Soldier software (PES), but we are about to show brand new Unmanned Aerial Vehicle extensions for our flagship product BES (Battle Eye System). BES brings near real time […]

ADAS 2016

ADAS 2016 – 28 – 30 SEPTEMBER – “ASIAN DEFENCE, SECURITY & CRISIS MANAGEMENT EXHIBITION & CONFERENCE” Is about to start! It is the second in the ADAS Series and the only dedicated Defence and Security Exhibition held in Philippines to serve the Republic and Asia Pacific region in more than two decades. This second Show is […]

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