16 Sep 2016

BES UAV Extensions at ADAS

September 16, 2016Uncategorized

ADAS fair is coming up in Manila, and you might wonder if Mil sistemika has something new to show. Not only there are news on Android Dismounted Soldier software (PES), but we are about to show brand new Unmanned Aerial Vehicle extensions for our flagship product BES (Battle Eye System). BES brings near real time tactical data to the place where is needed most – Right to the point of the fighting spear! With BES UAV extensions, soldiers can track UAVs and camera coverage on their tactical maps. BES can map live video stream from a UAV right on top of the topographic map or areal photos and show real time coverage of designated area, along with the overall common operational picture.


BES users can watch available video streams in traditional 2D mode, control UAV camera in a familiar ROVER fashion, designate targets to the UAV operators, read camera center point grids from video display, request UAV coverage of certain points or units on the map, etc. (Contact Milsistemika for full features list)


If multiple resources are available, BES and IHTA can help in resource allocation and planning even before mission starts. To make all this possible, BES utilizes state of the art GIS engine from Carmenta. You can follow this link to Carmenta Youtube channel, and check out some of the cool GIS features available. Make sure to visit BES page for more BES features and product description.