21 Sep 2016

PES now integrated with TiCAM 1000

September 21, 2016Uncategorized

PES (Personal Eye System) integrated hardware list is growing! As modern laser range finders gets better and better, more interesting features is available in PES PRO. Not only that PES, can show measurement from  LRFs of NewCon Optik (full line of products), Vectronix (Mosqito, PLRF and Vector),  Fotona (Metrix), etc, but can also grab target images from Thermoteknix TiCAM 1000. How cool is that? Do it over BlueTooth connection, and you have a winner – PES! Same hardware is now also supported by  Sniper Calculator (MIL/LE), and Battle Eye System (BES)


Infantry, policemen, snipers and rescue workers, can now use TiCAM 1000 with PES, to transfer measurements (targets) and target images directly to the map of PES, or use measurements for ballistic calculations. Potential uses are: Target data sharing among troops, JTACs (Joint Terminal Attack Controllers), use of target images for target recognition, or damage assessment. Use of target grids for sniper, mortar or  artillery control is also possible. (separate gonio head recommended).

About TiCAM 1000

The TiCAM 1000 LRF Target Locator from Thermoteknix is a versatile target acquisition and observation sensor for day and night-time use. The device has a direct-view optical channel for daytime use, a MicroCAM high resolution uncooled thermal imager, laser range finder, digital magnetic compass & GPS. Lightweight and compact, TiCAM 1000 is suitable for forward observation squads, infantry, border security and special units with varying levels of training. TiCAM 1000 operates from AA or Li-Ion batteries or external power. The day-time direct-view channel needs no power, and other functions consume power only when used. It can be connected to different combat and command systems, using either a cable or wireless connection. In addition to its role as a transmitter of location information and coordinates, TiCAM 1000 can be used as a receiving terminal from external DMC/GPS.


Check out free demos of PES and Sniper Calculator on Google Play. Military/LE versions are available upon request.