21 Jun 2016

Smart Sensor Network is born!

Ongoing climate changes, severe weather, public unrest, terrorist acts and global population growth are putting more and more strain on emergency services, humanitarian workers, police etc. First responders, usually under manned, under founded are facing greater challenges every day. CM Sensor network is designed to take some of the workload off emergency services personnel, enable them to focus on critical tasks at hand, and leaving situation monitoring to automated sensors. CM Sensor network is cheap, scalable, requires no configuration, and is quick to deploy.

Smart Sensor Network

Basic element of CM Sensor network is a smart sensor node. Smart sensor node is approximately size and shape of a beer can, and packs a battery, communications module, and a sensor pack. Sensor itself is modular, so sensor pack can be tailored to a specific mission, and smart sensors can be pre-packed with specific sensor suite as needed.

Mil Booth at Eurosatory

Sensors can be used in conjunction with other CBRN systems, or in completely military roles for OP or Final Firing Position security. Sensors are fully integrated with Personal Eye System, and can be linked to UAVs cursor on target functionality, to provide overhead video coverage to the operator. Smart Sensor Network was premiered at Eurosatory 2016. For more information about Smart Sensor Network, contact us!