13 Sep 2016

ADAS 2016

September 13, 2016Uncategorized


ADAS 2016 – 28 – 30 SEPTEMBER – “ASIAN DEFENCE, SECURITY & CRISIS MANAGEMENT EXHIBITION & CONFERENCE” Is about to start! It is the second in the ADAS Series and the only dedicated Defence and Security Exhibition held in Philippines to serve the Republic and Asia Pacific region in more than two decades. This second Show is expected to be even larger than the very successful inaugural 2014 Event and will also incorporate a Crisis Management and Disaster Rescue Component to provide for Civil Defence market requirements.

We are proud to participate at ADAS this year with some of our partners in the region. Please visit booths 1950 and 1952 if you are interested in MIL Sistemika C4I software and our new CBRN and UAV extensions to BES (Battle Eye System). Make sure to check out Thermoteknix boot No. 1425 if you are interested in TiCam 1000 Laser range finder integration with our dismounted soldier program software PES (Personal Eye System) and Sniper Calculator.


See you in Manila! If you would like to schedule a meeting, please leave your details HERE.