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Milsistemika Sensor System is a unique low-cost MANET-enabled standalone sensor enabling users to quickly deploy sensors which set up their own network, whether for perimeter security, CBRN sensing, alarms and for triggering additional capbilities, such as smoke or flashbangs. The MANET sensor is self-contained, consisting of three parts, the radio module, the sensor module and the battery module.

The radio module is a rangeable MANET solution, with the following specification:


  • short range, low bandwidth, MESH net digital link


  • Frequency: ISM 902 – 928 Mhz
    Frequency hopping, Spread Spectrum
    Power: 250mW – 1W
    1200 – 230.400 bps, AES 256 Encryption
  • Urban range: 300m – 1km LOS*
    Outdoor range: 5km – 20km LOS*
  • *2.1db dipole antenna

Designed with SOF and specialist Law Enforcement teams in mind, the MANET sensor is available with a variety of payloads. This offers the user flexibiility within the role and need, with payloads carried in a rugged storage box and deployed as needed. Payloads are shown below, each can be programmed for deployment or can be controlled by the C2 MANET Sensor software.

Payloads – controlled or programmable

  • External battery
  • Smoke
  • Sensor pack
  • Flashbang
  • CS gas
  • HE charge

Data from the MANET Sensor network is sent to Milsistemika’s Personal Eye System (PES) software, which shows relevant data on satelite or terrain-based mapping.

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