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Military specific IT support
In Slovenia or on Deployment

Tactical training services
VBS2 based training center

Product related trainings
Users / Admins or “Train the Trainer”

MIL Sistemika has in depth knowledge, and years of experience in mission critical software development, quality assurance and 1st and 2nd line customer support. It employs ex-military, top class software engineers, project managers and hardware integrations experts. This puts MIL Sistemika in a unique position to offer consulting services to other manufacturing companies worldwide. MIL Sistemika has expertise to offer consulting services in the following areas:

  • Software development
  • Weapons & Sensors integrations
  • Integration and optimization of HF/VHF communication equipment (connecting different types of radio equipment, currently in use into a transparent C4I combat data network)
  • Integration of vehicle sensors and weapons
  • Provide C2 level Battlefield Management System (Battle Eye System)
  • Provide nationwide C4I system and NATO (NFFI or MIP) connectivity
  • Perform custom development requested by a customer
  • Provide consulting services
  • Provide training, support and maintenance
  • Domain knowledge
  • Command & Control systems
  • Fire support systems, mortar, artillery and air
  • CBRN (chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear) systems
  • Military communications and wireless data networks
  • Military computers and IT support
  • Usability of military software in mobile environments
  • Dismounted / Future soldier systems
  • Sensor networks
  • Interoperability
  • Training and simulations


One of core competencies of Mil Sistemika is system integration. Working on almost every Slovenian Army vehicle type in the past, and integrating equipment from some of the world’s most recognized vendors like Kongsberg, Patria, Honeywell, Thales, Harris, Tadiran, Elbit, Bruhn Newtech, etc. put Mil Sistemika in a unique position, in C4I systems integration business.

Critical success factors:

  1. Utilizing its own battle proven integration framework software
  2. Can provide complete C4I solution, including radio communications optimization
  3. Greatly improved success factor, because of past experience with Kongsberg
  4. Unprecedented knowledge of SAF vehicle platforms, weapons and sensors systems in use


All MIL Sistemika software is fully integrated with the VBS2 / VBS3 simulator – a fully interactive three-dimensional simulation system focused on tactics training and operational procedures down to the troop level. It is suitable for a wide range of training scenarios in a chosen simulated environment. Units use it to speed up reaction times and improve the organization of activities.

Applications of VBS2 include, among others, mission rehearsal, tactical training up to combat team level, fire support, navigation, mission simulation and training in an urban environment. Currently available products based on combined MIL/BIA technology are:

  • Virtual JTAC (Joint Tactical Attack Controller) trainer
  • Call For Fire trainer
  • Sniper trainer
  • Virtual shooting range (laser or live ammo)
  • Infantry fighting vehicle full mission trainer (different vehicles)
  • Kongsberg Protector 151 desktop gunner station
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