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BES CBRN extension module adds chemical, radiological, nuclear and biological related functionality to the Battle Eye System.

With BES CBRN module operators can act quickly in emergencies, directly read attached sensor data, and plot polluted areas on the map.


  • Same look and feel as BES system
  • All gathered data combined on one screen, and shared over the same system
  • Alert affected units, adjust MOP level and calculate predictions
  • Support for ATP-45 standard formatted messaging


  • Add manual CBRN observations
  • Process automatic detections from sensors
  • Graphically display detection data from sensors
  • Sensor scans can be recorded to track information
  • Share CBRN detections (events) and observations over radio network
  • Pin CBRN reports and comments to the map
  • Detection data exportable to coma separated (CSV) or KML files
  • Out of the box support for variety of weather sensors
  • Out of the box support for variety of CBRN sensors
  • Support for STANAG 2103 (ATP-45)


BES CBRN module is a plugin module, that extend BES functionality with CBRN specific functionality. BES CBRN extensions can run on nodes connected to a sensor package (with use of Peripheral Device Server) or on nodes without sensors, and receive data over the common operational picture data exchange.

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