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C4I BRIDGE is the core element of Battle Eye System interoperability suite. It is a connectivity gateway interconnecting different C4I systems into one seamless coalition command and control system. BRIDGE service can be coupled with any products in the C4I suite, from the dismounted soldier up. Affording commanders to seamlessly integrate with a larger coalition force even on levels small as an individual platoon, or integrate on a top-level scale into a full network centric environment.

MIL C4I System has proven it interoperability and flexibility time and again, on international testing and largest coalition exercises. Not only connecting with the coalition, but also acting as a communication hub, forwarding the data between NATO systems and other national systems in the network.


  • Interconnecting different C4I systems into one
  • Modular architecture ensuring maximum expandability, and connectivity
  • Making Mil C4I system interoperable on any level


  • NFFI (NATO friendly Force Information), enabling fast exchange of large volumes of BFT data between national C2 or C4I network and coalition NFFI servers, minimizing the danger of blue-on-blue incidents
  • MIP (Multilateral Interoperability Protocol) C2IEDM/JC3 database gateway, enabling interoperability with “MIP nations”, without the need for in house or custom development of additional MIP protocol connectors
  • 3rd Party C4I/C2 software can be easily integrated into a common network using BRIDGE extendable plugins
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