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IHTA GCS module adds UAS/UGV ground control station features to the Intelligent HQ Assistant software.

IHTA Ground control Station extensions enables Mil Sistemika C4I system users to plan and execute unmanned aerial or ground systems missions as a part of the STANAG 2104 command and control process. Ccapabilities far exceed the functionality of typical AUS “Mission Planner” software. IHTA GCS is intended for use in command centers, vessels and premises where due to the nature of the work, a standard Microsoft Windows user interface can be used.


  • Full and sseamless integration into existing C4I system
  • Existing IHTA operators needs only GCS familiarization
  • Share live video feeds to all C4I participants
  • Built in resource scheduling


  • UAS/UGV mission planning integrated with MDMP
  • UAS/UGV automatic or manual control
  • Direct Payload control with geo-locking, units tracking and video tracking
  • Live Video feed display and distribution down to dismounted soldier
  • 2D and 3D map display with geolocated live video overlays
  • Support for STANAG 4609 video
  • Support for STANAG 4586 integration


IHTA GCS is an extension of IHTA platform with additional functionality for planning, managing or directly controling unmanned platforms connected to the Mil Sistemika C4I. This way UAS/UGV systems can be used as a part of a unified command and control system, enabling direct link from sensor to shooter without the unnecessary delays.

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