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PDS is an advanced server that integrates various military vehicle information and communication systems.

PDS can be used wherever weapon, sensor or other system integration is required. Being a near real-time system with a high data sampling rate makes it an attractive solution for a wide range of applications. From wheeled vehicles to sensor networks, PDS can gather, share and process data without the need to develop a costly solution for every single system involved.


  • Built to Endure
  • Rapid, cost effective and low level system integration of platform, sensor and weapon systems into a true sensor network
  • No user interaction. Its completely automated operation lowers crew workload and eliminates the possibility of human error
  • The integrated communication module can automatically share selected data within a sensor network
  • A single box integrated solution saves valuable crew space and lowers power consumption
  • Designed with military use in mind, it requires minimal configuration and NO regular maintenance at all.
  • Various PDS internal mechanisms insures high resistance to problems, automatic equipment failure detection and error correction.

Because of its modular design, it can be configured and tailored to the customer’s needs, while the PDS API offers software developers complete freedom of integration with other existing or future systems. With the PDS in place, integrating application software is easy.

The PDS communicates with different systems by using various standards throughout the internal vehicle network or through serial connections. It serves and exchanges sensor and weapons related data between the system inside the vehicle.

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