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PES is a personal tracking, navigation and data sharing application aimed at soldiers, police, security forces, emergency services and others that need topographic navigation, tracking, blue force tracking and common operational picture sharing.

PES is a member of Milsistemika C4I suite. It is aimed toward execution level, and relies on BES and IHTA (Intelligent HQ Assistant) for planning, while seamlessly integrate with BES (Battle Eye System) used by the mobile units.


  • Exceptional situational awareness
  • Easy topographical navigation
  • Fast information gathering and exchange
  • Can operate on commercial Android platform
  • Public or military digital maps
  • Fast reporting and mission objective tracking
  • Built in support for hand held laser range finders
  • Can navigate in GPS denied environments


  • Fast lightweight raster map engine
  • Touch Screen interface
  • Use of public online or mil. offline maps
  • MGRS/DMS/UTM grid display and conversions
  • 2525, App6 or custom Symbology
  • Tactical graphics support
  • Blue Force tracking
  • Navigation and Track recording
  • WiFi, 2G/3G/LTE support
  • MANET Layer 2 radio equipment support
  • ASYNC radio with P2P or software MANET
  • Application locking and data encryption

PES is best suited for the C1 dismounted segment deployments. It perfectly complements our C2 segment Battle Eye System solution. PES also offers seamless integration with the C2 segment and supports bi-directional data exchange with BES (Battle Eye System) and IHTA (“Intelligent HQ Tactical Assistant”), our own C4I level software or other C4I systems.

PES uses IP capability of modern military radios for communication. Beside the IP layer PES can communicate using an ASYNC driver (especially useful on older equipment) or WiFi and GSM / 3G/4G/5G cellular network.

Although being a key part of Milsistemika future soldier programme, it can be used standalone, as a navigation tool, or dismounted commander. PES is also an integral part of dismounted fire control system and JTAC tools. It can integrate with Kestrel weather stations, and Laser Range Finders to provide soldiers with adequate targeting tools.

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