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TiCAM 1000C joins the band!

After a popular and successful integration of Thermoteknix TiCAM 1000  thermal camera and Laser Range Finder last year, Mil Sistemika added a brand new TiCAM 1000C to the list of supported devices. Solution was presented for the first time at Eurosatory exhibition this year.

Lightweight and compact, TiCAM 1000C is suitable for forward target location and surveillance operations. TiCAM 1000C operates from AA batteries or external power. It can be connected to various C4I platforms systems, using USB connectivity.

Personal Eye System (PES) from MIL Sistemika is a Blue force tracking, navigation and data sharing application designed to communicate a Common Operational Picture (COP) . PES was designed by active soldiers as a substitute for a traditional GPS receiver, paper map and a mobile phone.

You can read full PR release here: Thermoteknix MIL Sistemika

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