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Digitising the battlefield!

Mil Sistemika is supporting modern warfare with fully integrated C4I/C2 remote sensors video streaming, UxV support, and data communications. #C4I #C2 #BMS #MIMO #Silvus #UxV

In the modern battlefield, there is an  increasing need for wide bandwidth reliable data communications. Mil Sistemika partnered with Silvus, one of the best MIMO technology companies out there to provide battlefield commanders with voice, video, sensor data and remote control whenever they need it, wherever they need it.

MIMO MeshNet self forming network topology ensure reliable communications even with small omni directional antennas, without the need to set up larger directional antennas on fixed antena masts. Mil Sistemika IHTA C4I software will display active data links along with the line of sight to assist commanders in operations planning and follow through phases.

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