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Allentsteig, Austria â€“ First phase of PESCO CBRN SaaS project successfully concluded with live show case, and demonstration at the Österreichisches Bundesheer (Austrian Armed Forces) main training ground. CBRN SaaS (Surveillance as a Service) is the EDA flagship project in the CBRN defence area that started in 2019.

MIL Sistemika, a key partner in a project, provided critical capability to CBRN Data Fusion cell element converting the gathered measurement data and detection alerts from chemical and radiation sensors to NATO standardized (#STANAG) #AEP-45, #ATP-45, #APP-11 form, providing recognized CBRN picture.  An important element of the Common Operational Picture available Battlefield Management Systems (#BMS)

The two week event ended up with simulated #CBRN event (terrorist attack)  #ElevonX Tango #VTOL, and Schiebel helicopter UAVs surveyed the area, and localized the threat.  #DOK-ING unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) drove directly to the source of the explosion, delivered the accurate data readings, and manipulated contaminated materials.

Successful completion of final evaluation in PESCO RSS proved that industry consortium developed a working technological demonstrator under the umbrella of #PESCO. The first phase achieved initial operational capability and will end od May 31, 2024. Afterwards, the second phase to achieve a full operational capability will be conducted.

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