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IHTA is a powerful tactical tool designed to meet the challenges in complex military Command-and-Control System.

Top level planning tool for military operations. The data-driven visualisation and comprehensive symbol management ensure that the presentation is always kept up-to-date. With IHTA it is easy to deploy real-time situation command and control systems that include advanced symbology, mapping, mission planning and messaging. . It delivers all tactical data to the screens and overheads of the command staff in a modern tactical operation centre.

It offers a wide range of connectivity to various data networks, improves the command-and-control process and enhances situational awareness. It helps gather and share information and present it in a most clear and understandable fashion. It features a high productivity, industry standard windows interface, which all users find familiar.


  • Collaborative NATO STANAG 2014 Mission Planning and MDMP support
  • Significantly shorten necessary time for mission planning and orders preparation
  • Support mobile, distributed or stationary installation model
  • Superb situational awareness
  • Visual cue on combat readiness of units
  • Multiple display, GIS terrain analysis, and 3D situation display


  • Designed to support all branches of the military
  • Artillery and electronic warfare integration
  • 2525 or APP6 symbology
  • Tactical graphics
  • Aeronautical information (ARINC) & radar data integration
  • Multi window, multi monitor support
  • Radio agnostic
  • Configurable ORBAT display and declutter
  • State of the art, fast, GIS engine
  • Terrain analysis tools
  • Role based user interface, and access
  • Support for Unmanned Systems mission planning




It shares much of its functionality with BES, with emphasise on planning functions, rather than execution and weapon and sensor integration. It is designed as a multi window application, maximizing viewing capability in a tactical operation’s centre environment. IHTA is not a monolithic application. It can be configured to customer needs, delivering unprecedented flexibility, adaptability, and integration.

Client – Server architecture is exposed to a bigger degree. Heart of IHTA is an industry standard GIS engine, which shares its capabilities and map formation with the rest of MIL products. COP Server delivers operational data to clients connected. User interface is configurable and pre-tailored for most common TOC sections from S1 to S6.

IHTA is specifically designed for distributed environments with unstable or slow links between computers inside command post. This architecture enables users to continue their work “offline” while on the move, and synchronize larger volumes of data when interconnected by wire again in stationary setup. IHTA features are automatically enabled and disabled based on available network bandwidth and service priority.

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