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Slovenian Defence Catalog

We are proud to be featured in Slovenian Defence Products Catalog. PDF version is available HERE!

The Slovenian defence industry is based on a long Slovenian industrial tradition, engineering knowledge and mastery of craft. Strong export orientation, investments in knowledge, new technologies and the implementation of international standards have all shaped Slovenian defence industry in the last decades. The share of exports represents almost 80% of the total revenues.

The production of military weapons and equipment is part of a tradition lasting several hundred years in the territory of Slovenia. The well-renowned Slovenian precision and craftsmanship are reflected in Slovenian defence products that are distinguished by the inclusion of their own know-how, highest quality, innovation and optimal performance-to-cost ratio. Digitalization is rapidly becoming an integrated part of all of them.

GOIS cover

The catalogue presents diverse products and services. From solder equipment, arms, arms parts, ammunition, advanced battlefield management, simulation and training systems, advanced soldier uniforms, light aircrafts and unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), border control systems, CBRN reconnaissance systems, telecommunication systems, logistic support lifting systems, explosives storage and manipulation, aerospace technologies, software, engineering, modelling and design for military purposes, to special production technologies.

This publication was prepared by the Slovenian Defence Industry Cluster (GOIS) in cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia and the Ministry of Defence of Slovenia. It represents Slovenian companies which provide high quality products and services in the areas of defence, security and protection. You can obtain more information about the Slovenian defence industry from:

GOIS Slovenian Defence Industry Cluster
Dimičeva 13
SI-1504 Ljubljana, Slovenia
T: +386 1 5898 423
F: +386 1 5898 100

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