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Battle Eye System support for AMMS sensors

The Acoustic Multi-Mission Sensor (AMMS) is a revolutionary acoustical detection system, capable of detecting and localising Rockets, Artillery and Mortars (RAM) and Small Arms Fire (SAF) in a single, compact system. The system uses the so called ‘microflowns’, which simultaneously measure the amplitude and direction of sound events, rather than just sending pressure, such as a standard microphone. Due to this, a single sensor can detect, classify, and determine the direction of arrival (DOA) of acoustical events of interest.

Battle Eye System is an advanced Battlefield Management System, featuring advanced map, navigation, messaging and weapon and sensor integration, including support for AMMS. BES features classical “CLOCK” display to show acoustical detection, and precise localization of acoustic events, integrating sensor data into a common operational picture of the battlefield. BES can show these events on a tactical map, share detection and localization over the network, automatically send troops in contact (TIC) alerts, and store data into a log for later analysis or reporting.

You can check out a very cool video of Battle Eye System showing AMMS detection and localization data on our YouTube channel.

For more information about the AMMS please visit Microflown AVISA website

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