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Online maps in the Battle Eye System

Mil Sistemika C4I software is based on real life, combat, experience. All feedback from our customers is fed back to the design and development process and software is being constantly improved.

In the recent past distribution of digital maps from the GIS service to soldiers in the field was a challenge. The design of the  Personal Eye System (PES) acknowledged that issue and gave soldiers and other users a chance to download maps from public sources when broadband or WiFi was available. Now Mil Sistemika is bringing over this powerful functionality to higher levels of the C4I suite. The Battle Eye System and Intelligent HQ assistant now have the option to use online maps or internal Map server in an online mode.

Fast development of high bandwidth digital MANET radio networks, is making a battlefield internet a reality. Fast and reliable data links make communication quicker, easier and more reliable. This creates the possibility for on-the-fly (online) map distribution, taking some of the load off signals and logistics services. Tactical map servers present on ships or other platforms can serve maps over the air along with the common operational picture and other digital data. This enables rapid deployment of forces over large area of operations without the requirement for an insane amount of map storage and preparation work.

Personal Eye System – a dismounted soldier software. Battle Eye System – C2 vehicle based BMS, and  Intelligent Head Quarters Tactical Assistant – A higher level planning software, now support online maps, offline distributed maps and video streaming. Now you can make a choice, based on your communication network capabilities, organizational or territorial preferences or mission requirements.

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