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Partnership announcement

Mil Sistemika is proud to announce new partnership with STEMO Computer Systems and Software, a company that offers a broad portfolio of IT products, solutions and services which helps customers build and enhance the efficiency, productivity, security and reliability of their IT infrastructure.

Together with STEMO we are introducing full Mil Sistemika battlefield management system (IHTA, BES and PES) to the Bulgarian market. Bulgarian customers will benefit from a versatile professional experience and expertise from STEMO. This will allow successful implementation of complex military projects involving C4I, C2 and communications systems covering the complete life-cycle: consultations, research, analysis, design, planning, implementation, training, operation, optimization, maintenance and upgrade.

About Mil Sistemika

MIL Sistemika is a software development and consulting company, producing military commercial off the shelve products. MIL Sistemika focuses on Command & Control software, covering all levels from the individual soldier to the top (planning) levels of military command structure. This include Sensor & Weapons integration, GIS navigation and mapping system, Communications suits, and integrated training tools. MIL software is designed on true mission requirements, and with years of feedback from the soldiers. More about Mil Sistemika:


STEMO is a private Bulgarian company founded by four computer specialists in 1991. Its first activities were software development and delivery of computer equipment. Today STEMO is recognized as a leader in the field of the information and communication technologies. The company has 15 own commercial offices, service and retail centers, warehouses, a training center, equipped with modern information, technological and transport facilities. More about STEMO:

You can download a PDF version of this partnership announcement here.

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