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MIL Sistemika Successfully Participates in Adriatic Strike 2023 Exercise

MIL Sistemika proudly participated in the prestigious multinational exercise, Adriatic Strike 2023. The exercise, held in the Republic of Slovenia for the eleventh consecutive time, highlighted MIL Sistemika’s expertise in Joint Terminal Attack Controller (JTAC) training and fire support capabilities.

Under the coordination of the Slovenian Armed Forces (SAF), MIL Sistemika collaborated with 29 NATO and PfP member states to enhance JTAC training and air force support. The exercise focused on advising field commanders on the optimal utilization of air and fire support, including sea, mortar, and artillery. MIL Sistemika’s JTACs provided invaluable expertise and played a vital role in ensuring the effective coordination of operations.

During the exercise, JTAC training activities were conducted at multiple locations in Slovenia. MIL Sistemika’s team actively participated in the main training area in Postojna, where aircraft, tanks, and mortars provided crucial fire support. In addition, simulated air support operations were carried out in the expansive regions of Bohinj, Idrija, and Bela krajina, showcasing MIL Sistemika’s versatility in coordinating air assets.

JTACs demonstrated their proficiency in various aspects, including reconnaissance, convoy escorting, and maintaining situational awareness to provide comprehensive protection to friendly forces. Additionally, the team played a pivotal role in fighting wildfires in the Karst region, ensuring the safe conduct of air operations and the effective execution of firefighting activities.

The successful participation of MIL Sistemika in Adriatic Strike 2023 exemplifies the company’s commitment to advancing defense capabilities and strengthening military cooperation among partner nations. The exercise provided an ideal platform to showcase MIL Sistemika’s expertise in JTAC training and its contributions to enhancing fire support capabilities.

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