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Charting New Frontiers: MIL Sistemika’s Dynamic Role in PESCO’s CBRN Defense Test

In the second half of November 2023, we actively participated in the second field test of the CBRN Surveillance as a Service (CBRN SaaS) and CBRN Reconnaissance Surveillance System (CBRN RSS) at the Slovenian Defence Forces military facility Poček. This event, integral to the PESCO project, provided a platform to test and demonstrate the efficacy of our solutions in a collaborative environment. PESCO, or Permanent Structured Cooperation, is a policy framework that aims to deepen defense cooperation among EU Member States. Our involvement in this field test underlines our alignment with PESCO’s objectives of enhancing defense capabilities and collaborative defense innovation.

We were part of a consortium comprising 12 companies from Austria, Croatia, Hungary, and Slovenia, with subcontractors from Denmark and France, working together under the management of the European Defence Agency (EDA). The objectives of this field test were comprehensive and challenging. We focused on verifying the overall CBRN system, ensuring the accuracy and reliability of data transmission and evaluation. A critical aspect was to create a detailed CBRN situation picture, particularly in scenarios simulating radioactive contamination.

The success of this field test was further accentuated by the collaboration of nearly 30 personnel from various branches of the Slovenian Armed Forces and Ministry of Defence. We thank the Slovenian Ministry of Defence for their support and appreciation. The ministry commended our ability to respond promptly to events, maintain effective communication, and provide technical expertise.

The results of the field test were insightful, helping us understand the practical implications of our solutions and their integration in a complex defense setup. We are analysing these outcomes to refine our approaches and technologies further, ensuring they meet the dynamic needs of modern defense strategies. Looking ahead, our experience in the CBRN SaaS/RSS field test underlines our commitment to continuous improvement and collaboration. We are focused on leveraging our learnings from this project to enhance our solutions, striving for excellence in the field of military software and defense systems.

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