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MIL Sistemika and Partners Host Practical Demonstration of Advanced Technology Capabilities

In collaboration with partners Blackned, GlenAir, Inmarsat, Rolatube, and StauderTech, MIL Sistemika hosted an impressive showcase of its technological capabilities on December 7th and 8th, 2023, in Postojna.

Over two dynamic days, MIL Sistemika, alongside its partners, captivated a select group of attendees, including members from the Slovenian Armed Forces, the Police, the Administration for Civil Protection and Disaster Relief, and the Red Cross. The event centred on the latest advancements in satellite communications, seamless integration of portable equipment, and other cutting-edge technologies including Glenair’s STAR-PAN systems, robust Private LTE and VoIP solutions, L-TAC/Flipper satellite radio converters, BGAN for reliable satellite internet, innovative Rolatube antenna masts, and sophisticated command and control software.

The workshop format of the event encouraged active participation. As regular users of these technologies in their organizations, attendees brought their own equipment (BYOE) to explore integration possibilities and discover new functionalities. Their enthusiasm was palpable as they engaged with the presentations. The event sparked many new ideas and laid the groundwork for future collaborations and advancements.

Expressing gratitude to all participants, MIL Sistemika looks forward to building on these relationships and continuing its journey of innovation and cooperation.

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