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MIL Sistemika Highlights Successful Collaboration at Slovenian-German Defence Industry Day

On 13 February 2024, the Slovenian-German Defence Industry Day marked a significant milestone for the defence sector, bringing together key players from Slovenia and Germany to discuss strengthening collaborations amidst the current geopolitical tensions. MIL Sistemika, as one of the  leading entities in the Slovenian defence industry, took a central stage, showcasing its successful partnership with blackned GmbH, a notable name in the German defence sector.

The event saw esteemed speakers from both nations, including representatives from the Ministry of Defence and industry leaders, highlighting the potential for enhanced cooperation in the defence and security domain. MIL Sistemika and blackned GmbH’s presentation on our collaborative projects served as a testament to the innovative spirit and the strength of partnership between Slovenian and German companies.

Secretary of State at the Ministry of Defence, Damir Črnčec, emphasized the importance of deepening the already fruitful collaboration, aiming to reach the cooperation level akin to the automotive industry achievements with Germany. This sentiment was echoed by Matej Skočir, Deputy Director General at the Ministry of Economy, Tourism and Sport, who pointed out the emerging opportunities for bolstering Europe’s defence landscape.

Rok Capl, Director of SPIRIT Slovenia, underscored the global recognition of Slovenian defence companies, attributing success to initiatives like international fair participations organized by SPIRIT Slovenia. The event also featured insights from Andreas v. Büren, Director of the German Security and Defence Industry Association (BDSV), and Boštjan Skalar, Director of the Slovenian Defence Industry Cluster, shedding light on the organizations’ goals and operations.

The collaboration between MIL Sistemika and Blackned GmbH was highlighted as a prime example of successful international cooperation, illustrating the synergy between Slovenian innovation and German precision. Imran Syed from Blackned and Matevž Ferjančič from MIL Sistemika presented our joint ventures, demonstrating the practical outcomes of our partnership.

Such meetings are not only about keeping abreast of current trends but also offer a platform for sharing best practices, engaging in discussions, and opening new business avenues. MIL Sistemika remains committed to fostering international collaborations, contributing to a stronger, united defence industry across borders.

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